An instant payment experience

Offer your customers a simple, cashless and seamless payment experience in your store, on your website and on social networks.


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QR code for in-store payments

Display your QR code on your counter and provide an efficient payment experience at checkout. No cash handling, no loose change.

Hosted payment page to sell on social networks

If you don't have a website or can't integrate our Developer API, you can set up your Flouci payment pages to sell your products or services online.


Payment module to integrate into your e-commerce site

Integrate the Flouci API or install the appropriate plugin on your e-commerce site to add a Flouci payment button to your online store and receive instant payments.

Manage employee permissions and track your revenue statistics


Multi-user access

Invite your employees to your business account and give them permission to accept payments. You can manage your staff directly from the application.


Analytics and statistics

Track your business, your customers and your overall operations on a dashboard. You can check your revenues, expenses and invoices through the Flouci Business portal.


Why accept Flouci payments?

For any type of business

Recevez vos paiements partout - en ligne, en magasin, sur les réseaux sociaux

Fast and transparent payments

Receive your money instantly with a simple QR code scan

Analytics and reporting on your business

Generate reports on your revenues, income and customers

Safety and security

Offer your customers a secure payment method and track all your transactions

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Request to chat with our sales team to learn more about Flouci's business features and the next steps to set up your account.

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